Racing in the rain

Tips for racing in the rain.


  • Allow for longer braking distances.
  • Dry the wheel rims by applying the brakes ahead of time.  Even if the ground is not slick, wet rims will reduce performance.
  • Brake more gently on slick surfaces and use the rear brake more than the front.
  • Turn and accelerate more gently to prevent sliding on slick surfaces.
  • Reduce the pressure in your tyres slightly.
  • Pay special attention to metal and other slick surfaces, such as manhole covers, painted traffic markings, wet leaves and oil slicks.
  • Avoid running through puddles when you cannot see the bottom.  Puddles can often hide deep holes.
  • Keep warm, Once you are wet you will soon become cold. Use a race cape to stay dry or put a water proof layer under your race jersey.
  • Use overshoes to keep your feet dry.
  • Leg warmers can keep your legs warm until they become wet, then they soak up the water. consider using vaseline on your legs to repel the water.
  • Good water proof gloves will help keep your fingers warm.
  • After riding in the rain, lubricate your bike chain to help prevent rusting.