Time Trial

The Time Trial is often know as the ” Race of Truth ” There is no doubt that your time trial time will be totally your own effort. Unlike road racing there is no place to hide in the bunch.


Training on Time Trial Bike.

Training on the time trial bike is really important through out the training year, the position will be somewhat different to your road bike. It is advisable to do a considerable amount of training on your time trial bike. This means that your muscles will be attuned to the  variation in position.

Aero Equipment

There is a bewildering amount of aero time trial equipment available on the market, all claiming to make you faster, but basically a good position on the bike and a good set of wheels are the most important.

Below is a rough guide to aerodynamic changes that could save you time based on a 25 mile time trial :

Tri Bars – Time Saved 30 to 60 seconds depending on correct set up

Aero Wheels – 40 to 60 seconds

Aero Bike Frame – 40 to 60 seconds

Aero Clothing – 14 – 25 seconds

Aero Helmet – 20 to 25 seconds