Boom..James takes the win..!

Clay Cross rider James Hedley-Smith hits his first goal of the season in style by taking the win at the Lime Kiln road race near Nottingham and moving up to 2nd cat.


James wanted a coaching programme to help him be more specific and make sure he had the right amount of recovery between racing and training.

Dan takes podium place

4th Cat rider Dan Carr takes his first podium place with 3rd at the Pedal Pusher Circuit race on Sunday. Dan is just one point of moving up to 3rd cat.


Dan Carr takes 8th


Dan Carr from Boston Wheelers takes 8th in a 100 strong field at Elveden. Dan started a coaching plan with Velo Race performance to help him build a structured training plan working towards some key targets through-out the year. Dan had an unlucky start to the year being involved in a crash at the first Elveden round but continued to work hard and is now starting to get the results from all the hard work.

Professional Licensed Coach

bc coaching

British Cycling believe that maintaining high professional standards in coaching is in the interest of riders and coaches alike. Our sport is continuously evolving and so too is our knowledge and understanding of the needs of riders and coaches.

They therefore hope that by implementing a pilot Licensing Programme for our Level 3 coaches, we are able to reflect the significant amount of time and energy that you and your peers invest in researching, challenging and implementing current and future coaching practice.

By using a British Cycling licensed coach you have the reassurance that the coaching practices are within the guidance set out by the governing body. A licensed coach continues to develop their knowledge with CPD ( Continuous Professional Development )

CPD can take many forms and could include working with more experienced coaches, working in new and challenging environments, distance and e-learning or attendance on courses.

When you’re looking for a professional cycle coach, look out for the Licensed Coach Logo.



Racing in the rain

Tips for racing in the rain.


  • Allow for longer braking distances.
  • Dry the wheel rims by applying the brakes ahead of time.  Even if the ground is not slick, wet rims will reduce performance.
  • Brake more gently on slick surfaces and use the rear brake more than the front.
  • Turn and accelerate more gently to prevent sliding on slick surfaces.
  • Reduce the pressure in your tyres slightly.
  • Pay special attention to metal and other slick surfaces, such as manhole covers, painted traffic markings, wet leaves and oil slicks.
  • Avoid running through puddles when you cannot see the bottom.  Puddles can often hide deep holes.
  • Keep warm, Once you are wet you will soon become cold. Use a race cape to stay dry or put a water proof layer under your race jersey.
  • Use overshoes to keep your feet dry.
  • Leg warmers can keep your legs warm until they become wet, then they soak up the water. consider using vaseline on your legs to repel the water.
  • Good water proof gloves will help keep your fingers warm.
  • After riding in the rain, lubricate your bike chain to help prevent rusting.